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How fast can you type?


Senior Member
Even better than before:

You just typed a quote from the song:

A Sort of Homecoming by U2

Your speed: 99 wpm
Accuracy: 97%


Active Member
I can type 120 words a minute..

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Anyone read Romulan?


Senior Member
Oh dear... 50 WPM but on a laptop keyboard :(

Ive got a microsoft ergonomic board at home and the key sizes are slightly different on regular use keys so its weird using a normal board, let alone a lappy! will try again when I get back!

I must admit I only use 2-3 fingers on each hand, does anyone use all 10? (no smart ass saying thumbs arn't fingers please)


Senior Member
i use 7, same as onartis.

i use all my left except my thumb and my right i use my first finger, middle finger, and pinky for pressing "enter" or whatever.