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How fast can you type?

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by Kevin, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

  2. Harry

    Harry Senior Member

    Haha, start the clock and copy/paste the block of text. It says you're dead fast but made loads of mistakes.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Lol yes I noticed that too right after I posted this topic... I think I got up to 11000 wpm after a couple tries :D
  4. Paul91

    Paul91 Junior Member

    I tend to use TypeRacer for this type of thing.

    You just typed a quote from the book:
    Fight Club[​IMG]
    by Chuck Palahniuk
    Your speed:
    103 wpm
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    You just typed a quote from the movie The Usual Suspects[​IMG] directed by Bryan Singer
    Your speed: 88 wpm
    Accuracy: 98.4%

    You just typed a quote from the book An Inconvenient Truth[​IMG] by Al Gore
    Your speed: 92 wpm
    Accuracy: 98.6%

    Damn you're fast :eek:
  6. tim

    tim Senior Member

    Even better than before:

    You just typed a quote from the song:

    A Sort of Homecoming by U2

    Your speed: 99 wpm
    Accuracy: 97%
  7. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    I an a rubibsh typre
  8. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member


    I scored a 103 wpm on the special challenge I had to take :)
  9. tim

    tim Senior Member

    Onartis and myself just raced for like 15 minutes, and it killed.
  10. berry

    berry Active Member

    I can type 120 words a minute..

    bv whgcuwj lknwhj ckel vmrvm bd kvhdeikvn cmd ndch bedjvbcme cm jhjhkhkcnjscduqwpfow]lgw rdt3wlgujeiuty43utekrnvcehfd3 n hhf csnkfchjek floehvcb demnbvckwemflkcenw mvbedhvjerbfhnjhh judghiwcwm buguijskqniuw buvelrkvo90uiubn mn nfhjksjhcoekvcjhejfvcbeqknv kervcnervlkvbjerhfiu mfbu4eygfiejwfjceiwhiub nw dj34hfci43jfcpejfopju3ovekv mfvhfh m hxvajnxa,nikwhcnsbn m jchncncikhb m cjhiubgvvn cxjhsgx n kwopkpwk[dpwn mhughnkjoxjlb n v fao2iiwebe w jugudhwjkd;wkdnbsb chvhbn kw

    Anyone read Romulan?
  11. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    I used to know...'can you direct me to the cocktail lounge' in Klingon.
  12. berry

    berry Active Member

    ....Then your balls dropped, puberty set in and you started to look at girls with a sly smirk!
  13. br3n

    br3n Senior Member

    Oh dear... 50 WPM but on a laptop keyboard :(

    Ive got a microsoft ergonomic board at home and the key sizes are slightly different on regular use keys so its weird using a normal board, let alone a lappy! will try again when I get back!

    I must admit I only use 2-3 fingers on each hand, does anyone use all 10? (no smart ass saying thumbs arn't fingers please)
  14. tim

    tim Senior Member

    i use 7, same as onartis.

    i use all my left except my thumb and my right i use my first finger, middle finger, and pinky for pressing "enter" or whatever.
  15. scu1pture

    scu1pture Junior Member

    i do 2 finger typing
    so my speed is 50 MPW

    MPW *not* WPM !!
  16. tim

    tim Senior Member

    lol fair play scu1pture! :p

    I reached 103 wpm yesterday!
  17. scu1pture

    scu1pture Junior Member

    I reached 103 wpm yesterday!

    show off..
    i know where to send my biography to be typed up now!:p
  18. tim

    tim Senior Member

    lol :p

    i charge £900 a word :D
  19. scu1pture

    scu1pture Junior Member

    i charge £900 a word

    lucky for me that my biography is only one hundredth of a word long :batman:
  20. captainrage

    captainrage Senior Member

    I type really quickly when typing free form.. When I have to copy something I take forever.. 60wpm no mistakes.. Boo.

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