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How Do'

Evening all.

I've joined up here as i want to get back into graphic design and make a few bob from it along the way if possible, I used to design and print flyers for a essex DJ agency for events they were doing in clubs and i used Photoshop in the past for designing streetfighter motorcycles for myself, freinds and members of a custom fighters forum, the designs would then be turned into reality, I allso used to design vectors for car & motorcycle Vinyls, I am far from being a graphics pro!!!

Unfortunately its been 2+ years since i have "TRIED" to do anything "professional" and i want to get more into corporate sides of design, ( Business Cards, Logos, Banners, Flyers, Posters etc ) rather than the streetfighter graphics wich were always thrown together quickly and never looked professional.

Unfortunately the only kind of graphics i have done in the last 2 years have been for the purpose of illistrating guides on bits i have made for motorcycles like so:

Im like a kid with a crayon again, starting from the begining with my graphics :icon_thumbdown: im gunna be needing alot of advice and assistance along the way but i know i can get back into graphic design with a bit of practice :icon_biggrin: