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How do


New Member
Hi everyone, stoked to be here and looking forward to being an active member.

We're a small London graphics startup looking to go live with our business in Feb



New Member
That was a quick reply! I'm going to like it here

Thanks, the whole venture is freaking nerve-wracking. The website's tentatively titled Online Photo Editor

It's my first serious web build, so February 1st is more of a 'Yeah that sounds about right' than any skilled planning on my part.

hi Corbs welcome to the forum ^^
well some people are faster then others with the replys :p
wish you much luck with the business too


New Member
Thanks, I've had a chance to look around the forums now and I'm definitely a small fish in a big pond, there's a LOT of talent out here.
Hi Corbs,

Exciting times and a big welcome. You'll find the forum a very useful and friendly resource - with a friendliness that other forums lack.

Best wishes