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How do you do folks.


Junior Member
Hi there,

My name is Michael, I'm a 25 year old print designer from Belfast. I've no formal training, but have been muddling through for the past 3 or so years, picking up bad habits as I go along.

My day work is horribly dull, trade magazine publication :/ So I keep myself sane with more creative freelance work.

I'm not really as you say a 'can-do!' kind of designer. Most clients leave me with a deep sense that I would be totally justified in stabbing them up with a trimming blade before smashing the room with a Wim Crouwel coffee table book screaming something about 'philistines!'.

So yeah,



Junior Member
Freelancing in Belfast is a tough gig to be honest, it's a very small pool of potentially reachable clients with a lot of people going after it.
I tend to stick to friends who run clubs and parties, they generally let me do whatever I want.