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How do I stream a live web cam feed on to a site?


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So my new problem is this:
How do I stream a live web cam feed, in this case of a live studio, on to another?

Any takers? :)


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what type of webcam, is it usb or network.

Now the reason I'm asking is that some network webcams can allow live streaming of the view onto a website etc and it may make things a little different :)

Oh and don't forget bandwidth, it may be better to have a static image uploaded say every 10 seconds, I'm sure you can manage a script to access a file that's uploaded etc


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I assume ustream is the thing to look into, and then use the ustream API
Any help on that would be great. : )

I've been using these two tutorials:
How to create a live web cam feed - Windows Stream / Media Player / Webcam32 / Quicktime / Encoder
How to create a web cam feed - Windows Stream / Media Player

The problem with the first link is webcam32 or whatever is no longer available. The second way I can get my web cam feed to load into a html document local to my machine. So I've created a free subdomain at no-ip and downloaded their dynamic IP thing which updates the sub domain to my IP even if it changes. This should then allow my machine to be reached via the sub domain no matter what my IP is.

That way if you type in:

mysubdomain.no-ip.com it should allways resolve to my machine and thus allow me to view the web feed on any page by referancing the file via that url. The problem is I don't think my Belkin router is allowing the feed out on port:80 so its failing as I checked it using no-ip's port checker and it said port 80 failed. It does however say it can't connect to the server at the sub domain pointing to my machine as well.

Any ideas whatsoever?

The webcam32 or whatever was a shareware version and we are willing to pay(One off)/pass it on to the client, if there are alternative's. I would like to get the no-ip addess way of working as I feel I'm so close and just can't get the last section.

I have the code to retrieve it and load it into a HTML file I just can't get the sub domain to resolve I suppose, because when I am on my local machine and I change localhost to mysubdomain.no-ip.com of whatever it can't connect and it should for this to work.

Any ideas off anyone?

Thanks for the contributions so far, very much appreciated. :)


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Jazajay said:

Any help on that would be great. : )
I'd assume you would need to signup for UStream.tv to get the live webcam feed sorted first, then use their API to display your specific feed onto the website?

API documentation looks pretty extensive > Data API - Documentation | Ustream Developer Network

The Ustream APIs gives you the ability to:

  • Access content available on the Ustream website.
  • Search for people, channels and videos.
  • Pull down useful or interesting systems and operations information such as the most recently started show and total concurrent shows.
EDIT/UPDATE: Looks even easier than that, from the UStream help section:

Sharing your show with others
Click on ‘Your Shows’, and then go to the ‘Share’ section on the "Your Shows" page. There you will find a variety of options to share your show, including embed codes


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O cheers man, really tired last night so must have missed it. It is very much appreciated and I'll check it out now I am refreshed. :)


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Cheers but it looks like Ustream will only let me show/embed actual shows I record rather than a live feed. They have a separate section called watershed that looks like it will do it but I doubt we will be able to sell the client on the actual monthly pricing plan that it entails.

What about a network Ip camera such as:
Wired Network IP Camera Free Delivery : Internet Surveillance IP Cameras : Maplin

Cheers for the link Levi. : )

Just want to make 100% that it will work before I suggest it as the solution. So what do people reckon?


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note that's a cheapy option (not tested either) and they can easily hit around £500 for a high end model.

still say ip camera's are the way to go, for one it means you don't need a pc running (cheaper electric), it's just a case of getting one that allows the video to be embedded etc.


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Hay thought I would update the thread. Basically the client has a router that allows the feed out, therefore all I need to do is code the HTML simplllllees. But cheers for all the great ideas, much appreciated. : )