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How do I do this in illustrator?

Hey guys

I'm not sure if i'm being stupid today, but how would I do the attached image in illustrator?

Basically, the only way I can think of right now is to create a rectangle, create a circle using the eclipse tool. subtract it form the rectangle and then use the pen tool to create the points.

The only thing doing it this way is that my curves don't really match that well, is there an easier way?




Active Member
I would approach this with first like you said create a rectangle and then a ellipse. once you create the bottom shape with the curve (basically the shape will be the bottom grey from that image you will create first).

Once you have created this make a copy and move up and angle the shape to get the curve, like the red shape on the left of the image you provided. One you're happy with the angle I would use the divide shape within pathfinder to create a new shape like the top red image and reflect the shape and position on the right hand-side like on the image above. Once you're happy with the angles you will have a few edges that are not needed so draw a rectangle around all the shapes to match with the bottom image and then create a clipping mask to remove all the edges.

Hope this makes sense without being able to show you images.