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How about header?


Senior Member
Well, I don’t want to sound harsh; however not answering is harsher than (positive) criticism, so what I can say is:

it looks as if web design is a new discipline for you (nothing wrong with that) and you need more practice. I suggest you made some researches. There are plenty of nice sites out there as well as right here. Here in DF you’ll find portfolios or personal sites of professional illustrators, graphic designers, editorial designers and so on, that will be a very useful tool for you to understand web graphic design. You should look at the way in which all their elements are organised and try to understand why they look good.

Coming into specifics, what I see in the header of your site is an attempt of creativity, maybe self-expression. That’s a good thing, but, is the theme you have chosen in harmony with the content of your site? The only word I can guess in your language is ‘media’, so I'd say the header doesn’t communicate appropriately, as it has nothing to do with media. Once said that; your site at the moment lacks everything: layout, continuity, material etc. I advise you to :

. redesign the heather. Make it larger and more on-topic with the concept of media
. centre the menu (now it has a useless bit on the right hand side).
. allow some margins to wrap the text and perhaps divide it in columns.


not such a good idea on this forum to not introduce yourself first in the introductions part of the forum Carter.. just a warning :)