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Hot Hot Hot Mikado!

Hi, Iv recently been asked to do all the advertising for the play "HOT MIKADO"

Which will be shown in Manchester and various other locations around the country!
Just like to know what you guys think. On another note, iv not recieved the additional info that needs to be on the poster.




I like the design, looks good but I don't like the red outline around the main text. Would be good to put some placeholders for, Tel, Website, Email etc.....
I actually like the red outline on the main text, but really don't like the font you've used for the subhead - it's got very strange proportions, and it's too tightly spaced. It looks like a free one, even if it's not, and it doesn't sit well with the headline. Also, lose the comma at the end - it's not needed.

Hate the Manchester College logo too, but there's not much you can do about that one.
Thanks for all the comments guys, Iv done an updated version of it! Personally i think it's stronger.
Let me know what you think, Cheers

MODERATOR EDIT: Can you post a smaller image please.