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Hosting Setup for Clients

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Greg, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hey everyone,

    I've recently invested in a new UK based hosting setup with a reseller account, just wondered how everyone deals with hosting clients sites? Do you provide hosting for clients websites? Do you have a reseller account? Or do you just recommend a hosting company and point them in the right direction?

    I would say around 1/3 of my clients already have hosting setup and don't want to change, with the other 2/3 hosting being provided by myself through my reseller account.

  2. pauldavis

    pauldavis Junior Member

    I do offer hosting, but have run out of FTP accounts on my crappy 1&1 hosting, so I'm buying a (mt) grid-service account.

    $20 a month for 1TB bandwidth, up to 100 domains, 100 databases, and more! See here

    And to top it off, they allow re-selling! :D
  3. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hey Paul,

    Seen the (mt) logo on soo many sites! The only thing that would put me off them myself is that they're obviously based in the States where as most of my clients, if not all, are UK based, and where they have SEO concerns they prefer to have UK based hosting too.

    Let us know how you get on with them though, would be interested to hear!
    Greg :)
  4. pauldavis

    pauldavis Junior Member

    I will do. =]

    Also, anyone needing to be listed high on Google (and others, if anyone uses them) their probably in need of their own host anyway. I'll only be hosting smaller sites in my server, portfolio's probably, which seems to be 100% of my work at the moment.
  5. mrleesimpson

    mrleesimpson Guest

    I pass all my clients on to CSNewMedia. I know a few other hosting companies get a lot of play on other forums but these guys are by far the best I've ever used.

    I don't act as a reseller or really have a lot to do with the account once it gets set up but in the whole time I've used them I've only had one complaint and it wasn't even that serious.
  6. Junior Member

    we are predominantly a hosting company with several thousand domains hosted with us rather then just a straight web development business. We have quite a large number of resellers but I've also noticed recently a number of people who cant be bothered with the hassle of managing a reseller account and just send us their clients to signup with us directly.

    I guess it pretty much boils down to the extra overhead administration wise that it puts on you - it can be a nice extra earner to be a reseller but at the same time if you have a good number of clients then the invoicing & support issues can be a hassle.
  7. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Yes that's true, I guess it will ultimately end in how reliable your hosting provider is, as a less reliable hosting company will no doubt end up in many support e-mails and calls helping clients with hosting problems as you become the first line of support using a reseller account.
  8. red tiger

    red tiger Member

    We provide hosting to all our clients, but as Flint said you have to be prepared for the hassle. We don't make much out of hosting but it's part of our central service to our clients (which is at the core of Red Tiger).

    If you are reselling, my advice would be to ensure you have the architecture to deal with problems when they arise, and you have the levels of support needed from your hosting company. The guys we use for all our hosting are fantastic, if there's ever a problem then I not only the mobile number of the Managing Director, but have a guarantee that things will be sorted quickly.

    I think that's really important in such a critical service :)
  9. Junior Member

    It's not just about reliability though - it's the questions of 'how do I setup a pop 3 email account', 'how do I attach files to my email' etc etc etc

    Most of out support issues are 'how to' questions rather then other issues
  10. Mike

    Mike Senior Member

    I agree with Alex, and using Flint aswell I can echo his comments.

    Reliable hosting is a must when you have big people ready to shout at you the second it goes down
  11. ihussey

    ihussey Junior Member

    I offer hosting with all my sites, gives clients more confidence in your services. I am clear from the outset that I don't maintain servers myself and am just a middle man. Get a reliable host and you get no problems, get a crap on and you are in the s**t and on the phone all the time. I use heartinternet not and they support all my needs the email can be slow but I just tell customers if you want to pay top dollar then that can be sorted and outsorced somewhere else. My small clients are really happy with this but bigger fish would probably kick off!
  12. philjohns

    philjohns Senior Member

    For normal static websites I use for hosting and domain registration, somteimes registering a second and third domain to point to the website with 123-reg or uk-reg.

    I find very good for a standard website/static with very good pricing (£10 for 3GB of space and a domain for a year) and around the clock online chat assistant.

    Im looking to find another host now for more e-commerce/CMS based websites.

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