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Homeless man borrows credit card.


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A high-powered Manhattan advertising executive, perhaps a bit tipsy, let a homeless man borrow her American Express Platinum Card when he asked her for some spare change.
The man did return though and Harris was so happy she gave him a hug and told him, "I knew you were coming back."
Homeless man borrows executive's credit card, returns it
Other newspapers report that his name is Jay Valentine and he spent a total of $25 on soap, (vitamin) water, deodorant and cigarettes.

The homeless man who borrowed a Manhattan ad exec's American Express Platinum credit card and returned it to her a short time later has been flooded with people wanting to reward his act of honesty.
Bum's gold rush for creditable guy - NYPOST.com

Amazing :clap:


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$25 on soap, (vitamin) water, deodorant and cigarettes - man that must have been some expensive vitamin water!


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A pack of cigarettes is about $5. He probably bought two or three packs. And he probably bought more than one bottle of water too. If not he's kind of a retard :p