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Hola! Fellow creativists!

Hello I'm new, and fresh as a daisy to this site! I'm from Hull and love Illustration and Graphic Design I'm currently looking out for jobs at the moment ideally as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer, but want to work my way up gain some great knowledge and experience along the way. I like the practical approach to graphic design, I think less is more and it's always best to be simple, no gimmicky fonts or graphics.

My main influences and favourite illustrators at the mo are Nigel Peake, utterly fantastic, Sara Finelli, Tinhead, David Shrigley, Stanley Donwood, Vic Reeves and Harry Hill, whilst loving the graphic design of Build, Rosie Lee's

Thanks for popping by and tell us what you think of some of my work, some of it is just mucking about.

Rosie's stuff