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Hi, my name is billy mitchell (no not that one !) of Smart Compliance Ltd.
Smart Compliance is not my day job.it is a company we set up about a year ago to commercilaise a patented invention of a life safety product.
been on a steep learning curve in the past 9 months with electronics design,industrial design and communications design. Have come out the other end of that with a proof of concept and a working prototype. Woohoo.!
Will be in a position to take it to market in the next 6 months but really struggling with a catchy Brand - so happy to take suggestions with a case of Moet or £250 prize for a killer name.
Last year 25 people in the UK lost their lives to carbon monoxide poisoning and each year there are about 4000 incidences which require medical attention. Carbon Monoxide is known as "The Silent Killer" as it is odourless, tasteless and colourless.
Current CO detectors are audible only within the space which they are situated.
Our invention is for a CO detector which sends texts on 3 levels - 1) - weekly check everything OK - 2) Fault , Battery,tamper etc and 3) Danger of death CO present.

Any suggestions for a killer Brand name for the "New Generation Carbon Monoxide Detector" would be appreciated and rewarded.

Cheers !!
welcome to the forum Billy.

sounds like a great product and one that it very much worth while too!

How about these with the use of the symbol for carbon monoxide as part of the word:

(you see where I'm going....)