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I figured I'd better say hi, since my first post is about cakes :p
I'm not a professional designer or anything but am interested in getting back into it (did graphics design back at school/college, a bit of webdesign for fun, a few logos for friends, then basically nothing for the last couple of years as my arty oomph has got AWOL. But I'm gonna be moving house soon and I think I'm gonna be skint for a while, so getting back into design and learning all the latest techniques will be a cheap(ish) hobby I hope.
Plus I'm a terrible forum addict who needs another forum to distract her from actually doing any work at my job.. ;)
Oh, and to sum me up - I'm a 21 year old accounts assistant (I never thought I'd be saying that when I was at school, back in my anti-office-job days!), living in Surrey. For fun I love baking, I'm a bit animal mad (though no pets at the moment due to where I went, I'll soon be inheriting the family dog in my avatar when I move) and, when I have the motivation, I'm into arty crafty things like sewing bags, drawing and painting, whatever I fancy trying my hand at.


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Hi Pangolin,

Welcome to Design Forums, will be checking out your first post as soon as I've sent this reply :p nearly 11, perfect time for a cake! What do you do in your day job? (EDIT- I now know thanks to your edit ;))

I'm sure the forums will not only provide great inspiration for your own design work, but also help to fuel your addiction to forums! :D

Hi Pangolin, you sound like me.. In a 2 year creative rut, whilst destroying your soul in a meaningless office job you hate.. Or is that just me?

Welcome welcome!
Hm, what I do and what my job description is probably aren't quite the same ;) Actually I'm not that bad, I just tend to forum surf between actual tasks more than I probably should, but the boss has said as long as the work's getting done, he doesn't mind. Plus we're a bit quieter workwise at the moment given the current climate (especially given the trade we're in)

I'm in accounts payable so basically it's everything from when the invoices come through the post, assigning all our special codes depending on what the invoice is for (it's a construction company, so things are split by product, e.g. steel, concrete, tool hire, etc for project costing reasons), inputting these onto the computer system, passing every invoice for payment then monthly payment runs and sending off the BACS payments, then starting all over again for the next month. There's enough different tasks and a good enough atmosphere in the office to make it much more enjoyable than I first thought it was when I took the plunge a whole 3 years (and a month!) ago to be grown up and get a 'proper' job.

I used to want to be a professional graphics designer but three years of GCSE art and graphics design, working to deadlines and pre-set projects just ruined the fun of it for me and I think if I did it as a job I wouldn't enjoy it as a hobby - I can leave work at work as soon as I step out the door!

Hi Pangolin, you sound like me.. In a 2 year creative rut, whilst destroying your soul in a meaningless office job you hate.. Or is that just me?

Welcome welcome!
Oh, don't get me wrong, my job isn't unbearable or anything - I've become rather fond of it over the years and I'm even debating doing an AAT course to become an accountant. It's perfectly do-able, though perhaps the company makes it more fun than the actual job per se (fantastic bosses - mainly Irish, if that helps give you an idea, yup we get plenty of pub trips on birthdays, Christmasses and St Paddy's day!) but I could easily stay here for quite a long time I think. It's just that surfing the net breaks it up a little as I'm mainly on the PC all day, and staring at numbers and codes all day frazzles the brain a bit!

The creative rut is probably more to do with laziness than anything else, I've just had so many other things to do first (I've moved 4 times in the last year for example) I just put off sitting down and being creative and end up doing something totally different and never getting around to it.