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High resolution 300dpi maps??

Hi all,

I need some maps for a 'directions page' does anyone know where I can get high res maps from or if there's a way of getting maps from google earth/ google maps that aren't 72dpi



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I'm assuming that you need to put directions on a brochure/leaflet... Most people (in print) draw their own in Illustrator. It doesn't have to be dead accurate usually a general one showing the A/main roads and then perhaps a detailed bit of how to find the end destination - small roads etc.

Just make sure that you get the right number of roundabouts... I once sent all the people coming to my house warming to the wrong side of the river we lived near - missed out a vital roundabout!


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Somewhere deep in my computer I have a programme that makes real maps... though from memory it's only M, A & B roads, towns, counties etc. Ordnance Survey has the copyright on maps!

Paul Murray

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A word of warning to anyone planning to use or copy a map from Google, Bing, etc. Many of these maps features "trap streets" (I think they're also called "oxygen streets"). These are basically fake or altered streets unique to a specific provider that are intended to identity anyone copying their maps without permission.

I'm not sure what the legality is of tracing over a map, but either way I'd recommend cross-referencing.
I'm not sure what the legality is of tracing over a map, but either way I'd recommend cross-referencing.
This - when I've drawn maps before I've just print-screened Google Maps and drawn over the top of it.

I know you've specified you need to use an 'actual map', but I doubt you'll find anything at 300dpi for a local area, only national maps.


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I would think if you are tracing over a map and recreating it you are safe from the 'map police'. I've redrawn my local area loads of times - keep them all in a map folder so that they are easily adaptable for the next client.
Couldn't you take a screen shot or use Windows "Snipping tool"

And then,
Is it not possible to draw on your print screen map, crop and then convert the image to 300+DPI on Photoshop?