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I am a student and beginner to the world of graphic design. I worked for many years in a profession I was never suited to and am happy to be doing something creative at last. I won't bore you with my life story except to say hello and that I am glad to have found a user friendly forum where I can receive feedback, learn and hopefully contribute something as I become more experienced.
I am not a 'digital native' and struggle with the non artistic stuff. I also have a tendency to design for myself rather than a client . All my clients have been hypothetical to date :=).
I tend to initially Love anything new I create but then self doubt takes over. I guess it takes time to know what is good or bad design and why it is so. It takes time also to find one's unique style . For these reasons patience , practice and self belief are as important as having ability, in my opinion.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Welcome to the forums. I was in a similar position, not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life until I discovered a love for design.

You'll find self-doubt creeps into most creative jobs. Even those wth 20+ years of experience are still susceptible to doubt. That's just part and parcel of creating something from nothing. Best thing to do is work quickly, the longer you look at something, the more likely you are to find fault with it.