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Before I tell you who I am I must admit I stumbled upon these forums about a year ago and I think it wasn't until a friend linked them to me again a few weeks ago that I registered. All I can say is it was a shame I didn't pay more attention a year ago as this seems like a great place.

I guess its customary to tell you a bit about who I am in an introduction or at least what I do and enjoy.

My name is Ralph Saunders and I am a lazy student. I would like to describe myself as a person who is passionate about the creative arts but that would be a lie because I think fine art is a load of balls. More specifically I enjoy the print and web sides of design with particular interest in branding and the possibilities within the web.

I am currently studying Graphic design, an ND, at SCAT (Somerset College of Arts and Technology) and have a part time job at a design company called Brighter Creative.

You can follow my ramblings and mini rants, not that you would want to, at my twitter and can have a laugh at my tumblog [some nsfw content probably].

I am currently working on a design blog called Creative Woot which is due to be launched sometime in the next couple of weeks and I am also working on my portfolio which should be around soon…[yeah, right].

You can view some of the stuff I have done here however it is terrible and I wouldn't recommend it.

I hope that introduced me enough, I am now off to design a Mr. Men avatar.. any suggestions of what would fit my personality?


davewill said:
welcome ralph, this is a great place to be, and i duno if its coz im using firefox on a mac but i clicked your portfolio samples link and nothing happens!

ditto, got draw errors :( The pitfalls of being nosey.

Welcome though!
Hi Ralph,

I got a draw error message as well (IE7 on Windows) but the portfolio showed up fine afterwards. Some great work there.

Welcome to the forum! :)


Active Member
Hi Ralph,

Welcome to Design Forums!
Good to hear you've heard of the site before and pleased to see you got a link to return a year on :)

As for a Mr.Men avatar I think Onartis has already grabbed Mr.Lazy... will have a think for you!