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Hi guys and girls,

just joined this group of budding and experienced designers. thing is i have limited knowledge of all things graphical due to having a misspent youth and all that goes with it. now i am 40 i have decided to do the things i love like graphic etc. can anyone outthere please point me in the right directions as when i left school everything was done with pen and paper. i have basic knowledge of photoshop and dreamweaver, would like to learn flash and other cool stuff. have recently dedicated all my time to this so all help appreciated.:up:


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Welcome aboard. I'm sure if you hang around here there will be loads of people who will help you out. Pen and paper is still the best starting point. Ideas first, software second.


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Hello :)

Got to agree with Berry, even though my work is primarily computer orientated (3D CAD) the amount of time I spend sketching out how I want the images to look, little ideas, notes and various other little bits and bobs is a lot more than you think.

As to improving photoshop skills, tutorials from somewhere like psdtuts is a good place to start but just remember that its a tool not what makes you a designer :)


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Hey archangel.

Good to see you're doing something you want to. You only live once.

However, don't underestimate the work you will have to put into this. Good luck, if you need any help just post up on the forums.
Hi Archangel,

Welcome to DF!

Good to hear you've rediscovered your passion for design. It's never too late to change careers. I know a lady who decided to study Psychology at the age of 53 and now runs her own practice!

Hope you'll enjoy the forums! :)



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Welcome to Design Forums Archangel, good to hear you're doing what you love, I hope the forums become a good resource for you, it's a nice, helpful community :)