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Hello all! I'm a designer and illustrator in a bit of a career shift away from teaching (mostly music technology) into design, with a long term aim of getting into doing art for games.

My design experience comes from self-teaching myself Photoshop and a bit of Illustrator over the years, doing all my band promo stuff and etc. I've been working freelance past few months, mainly for CR2 Records doing all their promo stuff which has been great but with a nearly-3-year-old son and a new mortgage to pay I need to up my game and get full-time work now as I see it.

So I'm doing another round of portfolio updating before I apply for some jobs & recruitment agencies, and hoping to get some friendly criticism on my site from those with more experience or fresher eyes than me!


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Hi Bill,

You've got a decent portfolio there. All the best luck for getting more work. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. The button on the home page for "CR2 Compilations" only pops up a tiny image.
  2. If you have any printed examples of your work then take photos and put them on there. It shows you know how to get things printed properly. Stick your project by a big window on a simple background and snap away. Even a simple compact camera should take good enough photos.
  3. I feel like maybe there's a little mismatch with your typography. Your logo is kind of grungy, your body text is a friendly serif and your headings and menu are a sharp, formal sans serif. I think it's the headings and menu which are most out of place here.
  4. I had a quick look at your CV. Looks good but spotted a little typo in your Capacities section – "visual design, audio. and music". There's a rogue full stop in there.
  5. Also on your CV, the bottom of your two intro columns don't match up. Not a big issue. Maybe just indent instead of having a line space. Or rewrite it slightly so the second paragraph is the second column.
  6. Lastly, you have some great clients mentioned on your CV, but they're not on your site. If appropriate I would definitely put them on your site.

I hope that helps at least a little.

Thanks so much for the feedback and proof-reading Andy! Like I said the site is very much in development - just added the link to that CR2 Comps page, thanks for spotting the break!

I know what you mean about the sans-serif headings now you mention it. What kind of font would you recommend to replace it? I was trying to find something with a contrast to get that 2-fonts heading / body look.

CV needs a major overhaul now to reflect the recent CR2 work ... the biggest clients on there were for audio / music work back in the day - unfortunately it's a bit dated now and didn't make the cut for my portfolio (which I'm trying to focus on the visual side now anyway as I've found it easier to get work there lately). Not sure how best to represent that!



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I see you've gone with Adelle for the body text. I think you could probably use that for the headings. The light or the heavy might work well? That's what I would consider at least. But try some different options and see if it feels with the overall brand you have in mind.


I'm not sure how you'd handle those clients. I guess you'll just have to leave them off. Or maybe you could include them on your about page mentioning that you've worked with large clients.
First, great portfolio - never stop growing it out.

Second, best of luck to you. It's great to see more people moving into this industry from more 'normal' industries. It's refreshing! Need any help at all, do get in touch.
Andy - I think I've sorted the font issue with Adelle Sans! Also added some physical mock-up images to the 'CR2 Compilations' page - sadly I don't have a real physical copy of this one to photograph!
It's your call really. I would probably mention them somewhere. And be honest about how you've worked with them. Or it may just be simpler to leave them off.