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Hi there

Hey all, i'm Adam. Just stumbled across this place through Google (Good ol' Google, where would I be without you? Working probably!) and after having a read of a few threads decided to sign up.

A little background info about me. I'm 26, got married last year and had our first baby at the beginning of this year. I studied Product Design at Uni, working as the sole designer as my first job for a UK clock supplier, before being made redundant.

I then spent 8 months out of work, looking for everything and anything design related, until I found my current job just over a year ago. Junior Artworker. Something fairly new, but not too far from my previous role. Since starting this role my love of graphics has just grown, moving well away from the tied down and structured place of Product Design. Too much maths for my liking! While my role is very creative, it has brought me in to a new area of design that I now want to get more involved in.

Anyway, i'm really just starting off, but really enjoying it so far, learning so much so quickly, but the fire I had when I was at Uni is back. I want to be creative again!

Hoping to get involved in convos and chats with other like minded creatives on here, and hopefully pick up some hints and tips from "old hands". :)