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Hi there!


Junior Member
Hello everyone,
my name is Velichko Velikov and i am a product designer.
Here is my personal website: http://velichkovelikov.com
I have about 10 yrs experience in furniture design - metalworking, woodworking, prototyping, rotomolding stuff; porcelain, glass, CNC milling and ect.
I am Bulgarian, but living and working in London. Currently have my own studio with all the machinery needed for prototyping including large CNC milling robot Kuka :)
Would enjoy to be part of the community here!

Tony Hardy

Couple of weeks wait yet :) Got to wait until we announce the words and then off we go! :D


Active Member
Hi Velichko, welcome to the forum, best thing about this forum is the selection of disciplines, its a great way to get inspiration.