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Hi there, I'm new - wannabee freelance web designer!

Hi everyone!

I am a self taught rookie web designer/developer based in Wiltshire. I having been studying HTML/CSS etc (seriously) for about 3 months now although I have been dabbling for the past year. I am looking to make the leap in to self employed freelance web development next year and any tips and tricks on how to portray myself in the best light, how to get work etc would be much appreciated. I have one website I am currently developing for my son but have to say that I am still very new to all this. I am incredibly passionate about the web and know that this is what I where I want to be work-wise in the future, by the same token I know I need to enhance my skill-set greatly to make myself stand out. It's just knowing where to start. I currently use an iMac with Dreamweaver although am perfectly capable of writing HTML using Notepad for example.

Kind regards

Hi Stewart, welcome to DF. Have a look around DF as there are plently of queries on starting a business and web design that have been answered in the past. If you can't find the relevant info then feel free to pop a question in the relevant section and I'm sure one of the guys (or gals) will help!

Good Luck!