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Hi there everyone!


Junior Member
Hi all, my name is Nadya!:clap:

Happy to be here. I am a graphic designer. I love designing for print but have done web work as well.

I went back to school to complete my B.S. in Advertising and ended up getting a dual degree; second in Poli Sci.

So anywhoo, I'm updating my portfolio as my world has been anything but design; more like reading books, writing papers and sweating over exams.

So far things are coming along really well, I'm excited about getting projects done and updated, and hope to post my site and Behance account in the next few weeks. Will def share, feedback is king.

BUT I am a little scared or worried about my absence from the professional world and have so many questions; as I know things most probably have shifted since the last time I worked professionally.

So, I hope to make friends and contacts, share info as well as learn from the wisdom of others.

Cheers and happy to be here!