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Hi people


New Member
Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum and in graphic design.
I really need to exchange ideas with you because I decided to start this new thing and I'm kind of lost!!!
I'm not sure that is my future in terms of job but I'm sure that I have fun in drawing and creating all sorts of things. A few years ago, while studying Political Science (!) I did a course in Illustrator and Photoshop but I never used those skills. Then another course in Photography, always on the side of some other job I didn't enjoy. Now my idea is to learn 'how to' ...use my creativity and then see what I want to do with it.
Help please!! :icon_tongue_smilie:


Well-Known Member
Welcome to the forum Ali.

There's a load of threads on here that may help you out, just have a look round and see what's what. If there's anything in particular you want or need to know, just post it here and someone will have the answer for you.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Welcome to the forum. As mentioned have a quick search for anything you're unsure of, and if you can't find the answer then feel free to ask :icon_smile:

this is a great forum as there seems to be very little spam..

choose something ans stick with it. get some small briefs and see where it takes you