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Hi peeps


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Hi guys and gals I really like this forum, you have done a good job Greg.

The link to this page is not active on the welcome message I recieved, nice touch by the way, just thought I would let you know.

About me.
I've been doing web design/web development for almost 3 years now.
I have taught myself PHP, Mysql, Site Performance, SEO, IA, Useability, Accessability, Flash, RegExp, XML, XHTML, Security, Apache, DOM scripting, AJAX and JS to good levels.

Working on ActionScript and OOP PHP/advanced areas including the GD Libary at the mo.

Some people get addicted to cocaine I apparently have got addicted to web development.:D

I have become a moderator on a well known SEO forum, and participate in a few others as well.

I have to admit, from lurking yesterday and learning about the site from the design shack blog, that I'm very impressed. It looks like a good community has sprung up in a relatively short time period, with no spammers as well.

Any way thought I would introduce my self and I'm looking forward to learning some more good techquies from you all and hopefully share some of my own in the process.



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Hey Jaz,

Welcome to Design Forums! thanks for the mention regarding the link in the welcome PM will get that fixed. Sounds like you have some great web dev experience there, quite an array of skills!!

Do you work as a web developer? and a moderator on an SEO forum too, I'm sure your experience will be a great asset to the forums. Thanks for your comments on the community, it's got off to a great start and we have an awesome group of people here, and I can say that as I've been a member of many, many forums too :D

Look forward to hearing more from you.
Thanks, Greg


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Cheers for the welcome Greg.

No, I did work for my self, well with my other half and a freind.

Built a pretty impressive site, well I thought so at the time lol, upto 7 servers etc... Adult based but I took out a shed load of loans to buy the equipment and stock, the credit crunch then hit and well it wasn't pretty.

Any way to cut a long story short I'm currently doing a bit of free lance, helping out on the forums but mainly working on my second site with my other half, this time with everything I have learned, while working a night job as it gives me the time to build the site, pay the bills and learn new things quickly. I know lol.

Yeah I help to moderate SEW from time to time, when the external ads aren't crashing the site that is.

What about you Greg?



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Sorry Jaz, only just noticed this reply not sure how I missed it!

Sorry to here the big site didn't work out as planned, sounds like it hasn't put you off giving it another go in some form though? Is the new site going to be in the same sector/industry, or something different to the first one?

What's SEW Jaz? Sorry not up on my forums atm, the only abbreviation I know is DF :D

I'm a freelance web/graphic designer from sunny Margate in Kent, working away on a few of my own project sites like this one as hobbies/fun, as well as a few other sites trying to build some additional income to support my income from freelance work.



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Search Engine Watch (SEW) but they have an issue with external ads crashing the site at the mo, so I haven't been as active as I once was in the last couple of months, that and the massive turn around in events.

Just tried and got the network timeout error again not long after logging in so.....

I oversee search technology and relevance when I can log in, pretty good site SEO wise.

Yeah I got burned but hay I've learnt from my mistakes 2 servers, useability, SEO, Accessability, Ajax etc.... this time around, all of which I didn't know the first time/went to full on too quickly, that and the design sucked lol.

But it's ment that I now know what I'm doing which is a positive. lol

No he he this time I'm going to go for a more competitve market, parenting lol

Thanks for the welcome anyway and I'll talk to you soon I hope.