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Hi, nice to be here!

Hello all, I'm Jo

I've been tinkering with the web for about 9 or 10 years (I'm 27).

I mostly work with design but enjoy dipping in to code when needed. (Wordpress is King!)

I occasionally do commercial stuff but I spend most of my webby time working on pro bono charity projects. I help run a couple of animal rescue non-profit orgs (Rescue Helpers Unite and Staffie Support) and do all the designing and tinkering for those websites. (One of which has a vBulletin forum so I'm sure I will get some inspiration from the lovely design here)

I also work with lots of other animal rescues and have recently started a site specifically to help charities on the web - Websites For Charity

I've got a few other sites but won't bore you with all my links :) (presumably I can add them to my profile instead)

I came across this forum whilst searching for something about dog walker websites and thought 'hey, I think I'll hang around!'. It will be nice to chat with some designer folks, I don't get to do that often.

So, I think that's enough blather - HELLO! :up: