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My name is GetRektByMySkill and I am currently the owner of GudCraft, Minecraft Server.
I am looking for someone with forum inspiration to either help me setup an enjin forum/site or even make a forum/site for me from 0.
Please let me know if you dident understand somthing, I am not a native english speaker and my english is not the best.
I came here by searching in google Forum Designers and there were like sofas :D, and then I search Graphic forum Design and I saw this forum, please let me know if this is a comunity forum, work forum cauz i am not preatty sure what thi is although I WILL REALLY APPRICIATE SOMEONE to help me on what i said before: make me a site/forum from 0 or help me setup an enjin free plan site/forum.
Leave a comment below or consider adding me in discord: GetRektByMySkill#3752 or skype: alvarocf2903 (Alvaro Cano)

See ya,


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I've moved this to the Tenders and Services part of the forum for you.

I think you'll do better if you were to make it clear that you have a budget in mind.