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Hi! Let me introduce myself...

Hi guys

Bit about me (warning: not that interesting):

Im a Midlands based academic with a passion for graphic design. That passion was subdued for many years and has only just returned recently. It all started in 2005-06 when I was a member of a gaming forum where everyone loved to have creative forum 'signitures'. The designing sub section of that forum became more popular then the main game discussion section. I self taught myself photoshop techniques and eventually got quite good at producing signitures and profile pictures, to the point where others were requesting art work from me.

However, after I stopped playing that game and visiting those forums,I also stopped designing (something which i regret). Fast forward 8 years, I have once again rediscovered my passion for and here I am.

tl;dr: Hello
Hi there, welcome to the community!

Your 'about me' section is interesting where you have shown initiative to learn Photoshop and put together gaming signatures for other users on a forum because you were aware of the popularity.

Try and stay focussed if you have passion for graphic design!