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Hi, I'm Richard

Panix Media

Junior Member

I'm Richard, I’m based in Glasgow and I'm a bit of a jack of all trades.

I'm currently in full time employment as a graphic Designer for a large electronics distributor, which gives me the privilege of working on a large range of projects with some great manufacturer’s including TomTom and HP.

I’ve also recently jumped back into the freelance area to try and feed that lust for design that some corporate companies look down upon. I’m finding things quite difficult this now managing my time, but I’m finding it even worse trying to get my skillet back up to scratch after being dulled down by working in a corporate environment.

I really love looking through the “Feedback and critique” section, it’s great to see the energy of fellow designers and it’s even better for inspiration.

It’s good to be aboard



Hi Richard, welcome to the Forum :)

we now have strudel as Soren ate all the cake :lol:


Active Member
Hi Richard,

Welcome to Design Forums! Good to hear that the forums are already providing some inspiration, hopefully it will be enough to restore your passion for freelance work :up:

Looking forward to hearing more from you around DF.
Thanks, Greg
chrismitchell said:
Hi Richard, welcome to the Forum :)

we now have strudel as Soren ate all the cake :lol:
Yeah sorry about that Richard. But yes we have strudel, and loads of Ginger Beer as well. :)

I know I welcomed you in the in another thread already, but you can never have enough welcomes can you? ;). So welcome to the forums Richard. And best of luck with the freelancing!