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Hi, i'm new here, a graphic designer, set builder and film producer

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by doogle2020, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Hi, all

    My passion is being an individual creative person! I'm well educated in Art, Art&Design and Btec National Diploma in Graphic Design Grade Dis/Dis/Dis.

    I enjoy making films, comedy. making props from paper, cardboard and MDF.

    my work is different and eye catching using mixed media, my work has been in the news alot, also i have my own website and films on youtube!


    1 minute slideshow of my artwork.
  2. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    welcome to the forum
  3. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Hi, Ben Thank you for the welcoming!! what kind of illustration work do you do?

    Is there anyone else here who creates sets??:)
  4. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. welcome to the forum
  6. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    I do all sorts of illustration work, I'm an artist as well as an illustrator so I do a lot of fine art work, feel free to check my behance or DA page for more work, I like your set designs, really remind me of the classic kids programs, nothing like the rubbish they put on these days.
  7. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Hi, Ben, ive just taken a look at your website, incredible!! i really like your idea's and medium you use! The fast food poster is my favourite! looks like something from the 1940's!

    Your illustrations of animals are so realistic, the logo designs are great, what program did you use to create them?
  8. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    painting is gouache, illustration work varies between hand drawn then edited in photoshop to being created in illustrator and then logos are in illustrator and print work in photoshop/illustrator/indesign
  9. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Gouache works well if you want a rich solid colour i like it personally!!, I have photoshop at home is a nice programe!!
  10. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    ye I actually didn't discover it until about a year ago, not used anything else since but soon to be having a go at oil with the help of good ol' Bob Ross
  11. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Cool, i tried oil yrs back and it smells too much and gave me a cracking headache!!
  12. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Welcome fella.
  13. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Thanks Typo!!
  14. doogle2020

    doogle2020 Member

    Hey, Guy's thanks for looking at my work, i'm now in the early stages of making an Animation film with animal characters that live like humans in houses cars etc!!

    so watch this space!!

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