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Hi I'm Michael


Senior Member
Hi my name is Michael, I'm from Cardiff, Wales, UK.

I'm new here, I haven't long finished a Masters in Graphic Design, finding my feet as a freelance, but not exactly loving it. Kinda waiting for a great job to come along.

I've been hoping to find a board like this, where I can post design work rather than "art"-work for ages now! So I hope you are all nice!
Hi Michael,

I moved your post to a new introduction thread for you. Hope that's ok.

Welcome to the Forums! And don't worry, we're a pretty friendly bunch. :)

Enjoy your stay Michael!



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Hello Michael, fellow newb.. These guys are actually really nice, and smart.. And know too much about design.

Do you have a website?


Active Member
Hi Michael,

Welcome to Design Forums, sounds like you've found the right place!
and yes it's a friendly community here:coffee:

Look forward to seeing some of your work when you have the opportunity to post :)
Thanks, Greg


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this forum is a different layout, so entirely my bad posting in the wrong place!

I think you board a ship, but then what is the difference between a ship and a boat?