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hi i'm lisa

found out about site through greg via linked in, originally an artist and illustrator and I suppose still am, but as a trade I'm a print graphic designer, my main passion has always been books, my biggest job a special edition biography about péle, literally a big job as it weighs 12kgs or there abouts, my 1st experiences were from dazed and confused and their book division vsion on, still to this day, the most creative and free place to be part of, so far in my creative endeavours. Now in the finacial market I am still trying to push waves to bring on some new ideas and re-create something old to something new, or maybe it's just how you fix it up as the elements, at it's core are always the same, and if as communicate can get the message across, we have done a good job, creativety is only a small percentage, as challenging people's perception is, in my mind the greater.
L :rolleyes:


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Hi Lisa,

Good to see you here, welcome to Design Forums :)
I look forward to seeing some of your work & hearing more from you around the forums.