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Hi, I'm James...

Since signing up, I've had the chance to rethink and rearrange my whole online strategy. Inline with that I've updated my introductory post just so that no one gets mixed up! So, here goes!

Hi everyone, my name is James and like most of the people on here, I make websites! I first started out as a web designer come developer but have since realised that I'll be able to offer a more valuable service if I focussed my attention on the development side of websites. I have a passion for authoring efficient websites as I fully believe that the more effort you put in to minimising your codes and scripts, the faster and more responsive your website will be. I work with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL to build my websites and occasionally leverage the power of established software like Wordpress when my own content management system isn't suitable. I also offer services such as: search optimisation, mailing list management and online presence maintenance amongst others.

When I was a designer come developer I did used to have a portfolio and it was pretty neglected to say the least. But now, I've recently set up a strictly web development oriented blog through Posterous, which is a great product by the way, more people should get involved with this platform. Though a bit sparse at the moment I am building quite a few draft posts up in my spare time and will hopefully be posting these at least twice a week. Any discussions etc that can be raised through the comments will be gladly received! I'm always ready to learn more about scripting and coding so if I am ever doing anything wrong or in an inefficient way, it'd be great to get some feedback.

Other than web development, my other interests include anything that's outdoors-y, interesting or entertaining. I love gadgets, live music and playing my guitar.

Thanks for the warm welcome so far, and apologies for editing this initial post. My original version was massively out of date! Looking forward to getting involved with the DF crowd a bit more!



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Hi James,

Welcome to DF, are you working full-time self-employed as a freelancer now then?
Hope you enjoy the forums.

Hi guys, really sorry for not replying to any of those posts! Seriously rude!

Thanks for the welcoming words and, Greg, yes I am a full time freelancer now, though, mainly as a developer. I wasn't full time when I first joined the forums as to be quite honest, I simply wasn't good enough then.

As I mentioned above, I'm mainly focussing on the development side of websites now. I thought it best to focus my skills and services a bit more to offer something of greater value. Now that i'm full time I've just started a new web development blog that will eventually morph into my portfolio. The posts that are up at the moment are pretty basic and are mainly overviews/reviews and basic tips on how to get online, but I have started drafting a number of more insightful tutorials relating to creating dynamic websites. Mainly these posts will cover PHP, MySQL and Javascript.

Glen, I do happen to be an F1 fan, yes! It's good to know I'm not the only web guy who spends his Sunday mornings infront of a television and not a monitor!

Thanks for the warm welcome again, everyone! I'm hoping to start posting on here more often now after a hearty break of a year since signing up!