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Hi, Im Dan. I'll start with a question

Quit and learn to fly, or stay and slowly.. ?

  • Quit today! Theres so much more out there!

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Hello all, nice to meet n greet etc.

Now what better an introduction than to ask you peoples advice.

I am currently working for a small web marketing/design firm here in n'pton. My goal is as most I imagine share on this site to be working for myself. Now dreams go on n up forever in every direction so I wont get lost in them however I need help with a decision.
In my current job I am relied upon as the sole Designer, Developer, Consultant and IT Technichian working 9-5 alone in an office for two boss's with a very limited and almost constraining knowledge of the industry (my how life has become slow).

It was a peculiar path of seeking work and finding my feet as a devigner that led me to this position but now I feel its becoming a bane on my life. One major issue being that I am relied upon and put under pressure to achieve results that have no stable purpose and the works direction is then chopped'n'changed half cooked and any issues that arise of course being a fault of mine. All for a measly 6.25 an hour?

My dilema is that although the stresses are high and the reward is little (money really isnt the main motivation here but the restrictions of not being free to develop my own skills efficiently or work in a team which works and grows together) it does provide some form of stable income.

Should I quit today and pursue my career full time freelance? What advice can you give?

Thanks to any you can offer.

At least say Hi =]


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Hi Daniel,

Firstly, welcome to Design Forums, good to have you on-board, and I hope you find the forums useful as I'm sure you will.

I've been in a similar situation as yourself and can understand the frustrations of working in such an environment. The good news is that you've realized that and you're taking steps to change it, a lot of people can end up getting stuck in a rut and before you know it another year or two has flown by. Have you completed any freelance work up til now? Is it possible for you to start completing freelance work in your spare time? Do you have a portfolio of work you can use to advertise yourself to potential clients if you was to go freelance tomorrow?

Berry said:
Stay....and plan and prepare your exit.
I agree with Berry here. Preperation is key.

I'm in a similar situation and know all the things that will be running through your head! Take Greg's advice as well in regards to getting some freelance work while you're still in full-time employment. You'll most likely be shattered working nights and weekends but if you've got the drive and determination to make a go of it for yourself then it'll all be worth it :)

Oh, and welcome to the forums! I'm pretty new here myself but these guys are all great and the advice and chat on here is priceless.


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Hi, there. Welcome to the forum.

I'm in a similar position myself. I work for two bosses, I'm the only designer/artworker they have between them. Working alone for little money on projects you just don't care about grinds you down. I would sometimes try to console myself by thinking: "At least I'm working in a job related to what I want to be doing."

I'm still working there, but over the last year and a half I've been trying to make changes.

I started taking on a few small freelance projects, projects that I knew I would enjoy, projects that challenged me. This improved my attitude towards my day job. It is a lot of effort, and you lose a lot of your free time.
My problem is that I like the stability of a regular pay check.
Over the last year or so my freelance activities have increased. I now find myself at the point where I probably can't take on much more with the short time I have to devote to it.
Now I'm beginning to plan and prepare, I'm in the process of re-developing my portfolios and personal ID. I'm also making an effort to save a bit of money.

I haven't decided to completely break away from my day job yet, but I have it as a goal to aim for. But preparation is the key. A few months ago quitting my job tomorrow just wasn't a sensible choice, but everyday I improve my portfolios, build up my freelance client list and squirrel away a but more cash brings me closer to a time when that decision will be very easy.

Don't get me wrong. It's a long process, and a lot of freelancers might see this gradual transition as the wrong way for them, but this is the way I'm most comfortable with. It means I haven't had loads of free time for the last eighteen months, and I don't expect that too improve (especially if I go freelance full time!), but I've kept my stable income and managed to complete some personal projects that have kept my passion for design alive.

I'd like to think I know how you're feeling, because your post rang some bells in my memories. Hope this helps.
Thanks to all for the welcoming and advice! Personaly, Im geared up to get away, the rewards of freelancing are just so appealing and I keep thinking of a saying for success "If you dont love it, dont do it" and I dont love my job.

Yes Ive completed a few projects freelance, still building the portfolio however so I know Im not exactly ready. I already dedicate most of my spare time to my freelance work but the bane of the day job just makes spending another 5 hours in front of a screen almost unbearable. But dedications the key ay, I just think if I had those 8 hours to dedicate to my own work I'd enjoy it more and be able to balance my work a little easier, all work & no play makes dan a burnt out grumpy old man.

Haha, thanks for the input :)

Berry, endofgeneric, Krey
I feel ya! I agree preperation is key, maybe you'll even change my mind and its saddly reasuring to hear Im not the only person in such a position. Youve given me much food for thought, I however krey am the kinda person which the riskay style of life, not knowing when the next penny will arrive, appeals to.

All in all Im currently considering taking a part time position as a teaching assistant in college, that way I still have some income to fall back on, more time to devote to my freelance work and a more rewarding day job in a differnt environment.

Ill let you know what I decide regardless and once again nice to meet you all.

Pressure makes diamonds.