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Hi I'm Auris


New Member
Hi I'm Auris 21 years old Graphic Designer.
I'm a second year student, studying in Norwich UK.
I love all forms of Graphic Design and also I love to stand out of the page and I'm going to introduce my self with short video of latest project I did.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-wMMqimCy4&context=C2addfADOEgsToPDskKwVDkMFlXLZ_8ifynli1tj"]Technology Poster 3D Robot hand Papercraft - YouTube[/ame]

My subject was Technology, the theme was to design a set of 3 posters -
(Typography, Image, Type and image) and this is
my Image poster. I haven't used any computer help to create this,
I've started with blank sheet of paper, using my hands and imagination.
It's a 3D Robot Hand coming out of the page.
Poster size is A1 and the hand size is 60 x 44 x 15 cm
The hand, shapes, everything designed by me, I've work from my sketches to create this 3D model.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Welcome to the forums. Nice poster too, though I think you could probably do with a larger cutting mat (and some sleep!) :)