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Hi im Alex!

Hello all my name is Alex and i have taken over from Sarah at Printedeasy. She highly recomended this site and now i have finally caught up on all quotes and orders and have a little "spare" time i thought i would take the time to signup and say hello.

I previously was employed as an IT Technical Consultant so feel to fire any IT problems at me :)

Also a bit of a car enthusiast and have been known to play a fair bit of xbox! My biggest hobby at the moment though is snowboarding and cant wait for my holiday to bulgaria in 24 days! (yes i am counting!)

Well that will do for now, time to have browse of the forums :)



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feel free to post your xbox gamer tag (this time i wont laugh at the word 'xbox', ill just glide right past it)


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Hey alex welcome - where you going in bulgaria? I just went last month to bansko and loved it! look out for 40p pints of tuborg!