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Please help , i thought going down this path working at home and my own hours would be a big help. I have bipolar and needed to do something creative, yet being able to work around periods of time when i need to take a break without letting a boss/job down. I've never been so stressed im trying to please everyone and working 7 days a week till 10-11pm most nights. I hate confrontation and i feel like i'm letting clients walk right over me. I keep making a million revisions over and over to please each client for not much money at all. This all in aid to keep my reviews good and recommendations coming but everyone is being so picky and its just ' can we just make one more little change' or 'sorry to be a pest but ...'. Im also taking on projects that that are not in my style and i struggle with not to disappoint anyone. I found this forum and i need some support/advice or something. Does it get easier?

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Hi Vicky, It does get better! ... Simply because that's the situation with us all freelancers, so don't worry it's not just you!

At some point lots of freelancers had it with normal scheduled jobs and the bosses and the hours and the stress ... etc! , may our reasons varied but the end result is the same, So we decide to go freelance
First struggle is interacting clients, they always try to walkover you and try to put their own opinion (right or wrong) and always want more and more for the same deal, they always will need more! it's a universal fact, i want you to render more shots! this need a little bit more adjustment, try different colors , and so on!

And the solution is easy , that happens at the beginning and then you will be able to see the pattern of their behaviors and by time u will fix that by setting a list of your own rules that will be agreed upon from the start,
Yep! It's all about the initial deal! be as detailed as you can about it, set the price related to the numbers of revisions, this price includes 1 to 3 revisions any further adjustments will cost let's say additional 5% or 10% of the original deal,
So "this will cost you X and extra revisions will cost you X and i will deliver you X amount of pics or vids or whatever the end product is"

This is about the revisions issue, now about the creative differences and work process, Again be Detailed! be specific be orderly! In your deal with the client set a working process that includes him more often! , so you will work with him in stages, every stage you agreed upon you can't get back to it or modify it! by this you will minimize numbers of adjustments and magnitude of it! because you agreed upon certain style from the early stages till the end it will be easier experience for both of you and it will benefit you with confrontations now it's controlled by you less intense so by time you will get used to it!

Last thing and the most important thing! Don't EVER take projects out of your style and comfort at the beginning! take on familiar styles first it's your area of expertise and it will be less stressful and it will boost your confidence and for sure your end results will be better then when you are comfortable enough you can switch to different styles as you please.

So Detail your deals as possible as you can, Pricing, Format, Time period.
Divide your work process with the client in stages finished one by one you can't go back to it.
Take on projects in your style and comfort zone till you are experienced enough to switch.

Good luck Vicky.