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Hi, i'm a french illustrator

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by babsillus, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. babsillus

    babsillus Junior Member

    Hi everyone!!

    I'm really happy to find a place to speak about graphism with foreign people. I get used with cafe sale, a french great forum which is the more famous about graphism, illustration, 3d work, sculpture, photography, etc........then i decided to go abroad :)

    My name is Babs, that's my surname for my work. I'm an illustrator, and i study graphism in Paris. I'm gonna pass my BTS graphism, edition, advertising in may and i'm working hard on my projects.

    my way of studying is a sandwich course, because i work at the same time in a company called, they make free flash video games. I dunno if anyone know about it. We are the europpean leaders about casual gaming. :)

    Then after my diploma i'd like to stay at Prizee then i'll be able to work on my personnal projects, illustrations books, of comic book i really don't know yet. And i'm gonna continue my freelance activity.

    Here we are! i feel that i can't say anything else, that's a quite good introduction, right? :)

    Oh yeah, i almost forgot to tell you i got a blog : Croquis de vie —MaBulle ™
    where i post some experience, some of my work, well, that's in french, but graphic language is unversal i think....^^

    See ya :)

  2. tim

    tim Senior Member

    wow, french! that's new, think the first official french person here...?

    welcome aboard anywho! wil check out - swear i've heard that in school before :)
  3. babsillus

    babsillus Junior Member

  4. captainrage

    captainrage Senior Member

    Bonsoir Bab's.. Bienvenue au groupe!
  5. berry

    berry Active Member

    Bianca.....Mum and I are so proud that all those long exhaustive private french lessons with Pierre have come in useful. ;)

    Welcome to DF Babs, I went to France was closed..... ( seriously)
  6. captainrage

    captainrage Senior Member


    Lesson's have gone up a bob or two, Pierre now takes cheques.. Make it out to 'Your daughter Bianca c/o Emily, London, UK..

  7. babsillus

    babsillus Junior Member

    Captain > well done for your french!

    Berry > Closed you're saying?
  8. berry

    berry Active Member

    I'm moving with the times now honeybun - Direct Debit.... I'm even contemplating getting electricity piped direct into the grounds of Estate rather than getting from the well!
  9. tim

    tim Senior Member

    oooh french....

    "je suis le petit dejeuner. je m'appelle tim, et je suis une poisson rouge." - as you can tell, i don't do french anymore!
  10. Aarlev

    Aarlev Member

    Hi Babs,

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay, and hope to see you around the threads.:)
  11. berry

    berry Active Member

    Yep, I went to France a while back, Euro Disney was closed that day! Drove to Asterix Park? and that was closed too. Went then on to Lille and there was this huge gay march that brought the city to a standstill. But it's like all my holidays...I went to Greece- had an Earthquake, Went to Spain and it rained for a week. Went to Morroco and the town had a fire.....Shot a TV commercial in Jamaica and we had a hurricane then. Bad luck follows me abroad!
  12. welcome to the Forum Babs :)
  13. babsillus

    babsillus Junior Member

    Berry > The poor of you indeed. I hope the next times in france will be better. Haha!
  14. Harry

    Harry Senior Member

    Welcome aboard.
  15. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Welcome to DF Babs.
    That will be hard wont it, I thought you only hung around in here welcoming peeps Aarlev??? :D
    Your like DF's friendly doorman at a club aren't you???
  16. Aarlev

    Aarlev Member

    Lol :D. Introductions is my favourite section! And every forum needs a friendly doorman Jaz :). But as I am feeling more adventurous at the moment, I might start venturing further into the forum soon. (Actually Greg hits me and won't let me post elsewhere :cry:)
  17. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    I thought that was the reason TBH, he is known for that, lol, but glad to see you are thinking about being adventurous and venturing into other areas, it would be good to see you around more,:up: or would it actually, mmm......

    As you can see babs this is by far one of the most friendly places on the net and offers some of the best advice I have ever seen TBH. You cant go wrong here good to have you aboard.

    I will probably talk to you in the other sections. :D

  18. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Babs,

    Welcome to Design Forums, good to see you've received lots of warm welcomes already! Great to have another member from further afield (although not that far) and another illustrator on-board :)

    Soren, what have I told you about Intro threads... :lol:


    4 Slices (buttered) with a bottle of mineral water (chilled) for each new member!
  19. babsillus

    babsillus Junior Member

    Thanks to all for this warm welcome!! Indeed!! I really appreciate it!

    I take your sweet and nice Slices with the bottle, :) Thanks again, I'm on my way to have a sooo nice dinner this evening !

    I'll need that for my exams which are approaching so quickly!! DAMN How i would already pass it!

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