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Hi, I am new here (www.parkol.net)


Junior Member
Hi all. I am glad I am here.
I am Russian designer and illustrator, also I produce some music...
You can see my work is here www.parkol.net

Some of my works:

More pics you can see on my site.
The last thing I did is I won as a runner-up a Pet Shop Boys competition for The North America Pandemonium Tour 2009.

I love more Adobe Illustrator and... pencils and pens. I love graphic.
I am not fan of Photoshop, but sometimes I use it... I began with Corel Draw and it was quite hard to get into the Illustrator because some of functions were different.

Also I create my music in Logic Pro, so on my site you can find my music...

I'll be glad to know your opinion about my portfolio and site.

Thank you.


Junior Member
Thank you.

My 3D you would see here Video
Not only me, me and my wife made those video to promote my mixes to PSB. They were made in Maya and it took a long time...

Also you can see how we did last 3D To step aside