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Hi, I am James

Hello folks, I am James McDonald and I am an 18 year old student with a passion for web & graphic design. I have been freelancing for four and half years now and enjoying every minute of it.

My forte is web design, covering most aspects of online and web related subjects.
You can check out my portfolio here.



Junior Member
hi james, 4 and half years, you got me by about 2 years, and Im 30...

im sure you'll love these guys, heaps of friendly helpful people!


Active Member
Hi James,

Welcome to Design Forums, you've got some really great work there, congrats! I think I've seen a few examples of your work around as I know Jon Wheatley too.

As Mike suggested above there's a couple of good places to get started on DF ;)
Look forward to speaking to you more in the near future.