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Hi. I am co-founder of ENGIZED.com

Hi guys!

My name is Nuno Bento and for the last one and half years I am working on a project that is dedicated to graphic designers and illustrators. I am registering here in order to get some feedback and support from you as well as you will get from ENGIZED.


Thank you!

Sean Lee-Amies

Hi, welcome to the forums! What sort of feedback are you after?

Quick question: "Chance to win £1 per product sold"

How many sales, on average, do your products make?


Staff member
hi, you're going to have to explain that concept better because to me it looks a lot like crowdsourcing at the moment....which designers are against


Active Member
Hi Nuno. Forgive me but I'm pretty sure this is more advertisement than feedback, am I right?

Anyway, in terms of feedback. Two very quickly noticable things. The Discover Energized background colour clashes horribly with the colours used in that section. This code:

background: #e8a4a4 0 0 no-repeat;

Secondly, Latest Activities has nothing underneath, just a big gap. Doesn't exactly make me think this site has much going on.