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Hi Guys.


Junior Member
Hi there, well I'm Mike.. from Portsmouth :)

Currently a student finishing my A Level in Graphics going onto Uni although I am very much interested in trying to gain some work experience for a year abroad etc as I would find it a lot more benefitial to what I would learn.. obviously the degree would benefit me more in terms of gaining a job later probably.

Anyway, I support Pompey, watch football.. a lot!

There's some of my work here if you fancy a look through, as you will be able to see I really enjoy Photography as well, along with some logo mock ups, and Photoshop work. http://www.flickr.com/photos/pompeymike/

Nice to meet you :)


Senior Member
hey, welcome aboard! I think you will really enjoy it here, lots of great people to bounce ideas off and get some great advice if you ever need.:)


We all are friendly :) just remember not to anger Berry... you wouldn't like him when he's angry.. We've still not found the last person who angered him :eek: