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Hi guys!

Currently taking a gap year and wanting to start my own graphic design business up, have previous experience in setting up a business with my clothing brand last year, and was seeking some advice on starting up, recommending software, best places to advertise etc and just any advice really, thanks!


Staff member
Whats your background? Do you have any experience of the design industry? I'm assuming that if you're asking advice on which software to use and where to find customers, your experience will be quite minimal? Which then begs the question as to why you think being a designer is for you?

Something else to think about is your time frame. You say you're on a gap year, but I don't think there's a single one of us here that can honestly say they made any real money in their first year. It will take you longer than that to learn the software, build relationships with associated businesses and start building a reputation.

You'll be much better to approach established design agencies with your portfolio and see if you can land a paid internship/junior design role to fill your gap year. Do you have an online portfolio we could look at?
Background is in business. I've had work experience in various graphic design businesses and I currently use software from Serif. I know the basics but want some more knowledge about where is the best place to get customers and what software is recommended by other designers.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Don't really know what to tell you. Pretty much all of my work comes from my existing clients. New work also comes from recommendations from those clients. I don't market myself or go searching for new work, it kind of comes to me, though it's taken me about 3 years and a shit load of hard work to get to this stage.
Hi guys I'm Liam Humphries and I work for Image plus. That sounds great! Make sure that gap year doesnt turn into a no return! In terms of the marketing, I would go for SEO because there's a good amount of activities you can do that can kick start your graphic design business. Hope this helped :)