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Hi Guys & Girls

Just joined up and wanted to say Hi, I've come into the whole 'design' world rather late but have decided it's what i want to do, have now gone part time in my current employment to try and build a client base!

Scary times but it's something i feel passionate about, the feedback from projects completed so far has been very positive so i hope i can pick up some tips from other members and also offer my two pence worth with what I've 'taught myself' over the last few months!


Thanks Damon, glad to be here :icon_smile:

Currently in the process of updating my website, it should be available to check out pretty soon though!
Hi Roscoe

I hope that the creative world suits you and you get as much joy from it as the rest of us.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for advice on print matters. Alternatively, take a browse through my posts and profile to get a grasp of the sort of things I/we offer.

ATB, Craig.