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Hi Guys & Girls

Hi to one and all at design forums, looks like a damn fine place to hang out. Firstly i need to thank Russell Hall for pointing me in the direction of DF, so a big thanks to him.

So, about me, off we go! Over the past 2 years I've caught the 'design bug' in a serious way, so much so that I'm trying to take steps that will ensure I can 'design' as full time employment. Freelance or permanent is yet to be resolved. The feedback I've received to date has all been encouraging, plus the fact i actually enjoy the process makes me think it must be pursued. Someone once told me "if you find something you enjoy and get paid for it, you've truly found your job"!

I've decided to go part time from my current role as company developer to concentrate on establishing a name for myself and increase my portfolio which I hope will result in being considered for more projects.

I hope I can pick up tips and feedback on the best way to go about starting out and eventually 'living the dream' from the creative members here and also hope I can offer some positive feedback and assistant myself.

Have a great day!

Hi Roscoe,

Good to hear you've found your calling. And as they say "If you do something you love, you add five days to your week". Best of luck with everything and welcome to DF!