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Hi - Getting back into design

Hi guys!

Just wanted to say hi before posting in the forums, I have been out of the game for a year or two now having only touched photoshop every now and then, not really producing any graphics as such but more for my course.

I'm a first year Architecture student in London, and always enjoyed doing graphic design on the side having taught my self photoshop and web design/coding over the course of a few years.

Here's my old portfolio on deviantart if anyones interest: asherzgfx on deviantART

I've recently been putting some logos together for a friend which both he and I were happy with, and we're hoping to progress and get some printed on tshirts/stickers etc to promote his music... and that's how I've ended up here, having not had much previous experience with illustrator I come seeking advice, got the main elements of the logo vectorised but I'm interested in converting the more arty side elements from photoshop. But I shall go into more detail on another thread in the appropriate section.

Anyways nice to meet you all!