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Hi from Milk and Beans!


I'm Iain, a Milton Keynes and London based freelance designer.
I gradutaed last year with a degree in Illustration and since then have worked for larger companires such as IKEA and smaller local run businesses near to where I live.

Although I am making business, I still feel that I am only a small sapling in the design world, so any advice or tips to guide myself in the right direction/ push my design "out there" would be much appreciated. Please take a look at my online portfolio, and any feedback is also welcomed.

Thanks for your support.


Junior Member
Hi Iain,

I'm a from MK too. My company is based just the other side of Stony Stratford if you're ever passing by and want to drop in for a coffee and talk web/design stuff. Google "Method & Class" and you should find us.

I like your site and your work, keep at it. Are you trying to get freelance work from design agencies or companies or both? You could try sending some HTML emails using something like Campaign Monitor - it's easy to track who's opened them etc then.

All the best,



Active Member
Hi Iain,

Welcome to Design Forums, we've had a number of useful threads in the business section of the forums with regards to gettting your work out there and finding new business/clients, so would recommend having a dig through some of the topics there.

I hope you enjoy the forums :)
Thanks, Greg
Thanks everyone and Greg, I shall take a look at that for sure!

Northy - Coffee sounds good :) Thank you. What day/ time would be best for you?
Milk & Beans! What beans are we talking about? Is it cold milk or warm?
Not that I'd ever have beans with milk or vice versa, just wondering...

Oh and welcome to the forum ! :coffee:
@DesignMyBox - At the moment they are soggy beans :( It's raining - But Milk and beans is a slang term for Milton Keynes :p Very sad i know! :dfshirt:
hehe It's iainq as in ian but spelt the scottish way - stupid capital i looks like an L - i even get post with it addressed to Lain lol