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Hi from Jamie

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by jamieleung, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. jamieleung

    jamieleung Member

    Hi everyone my name is Jamie. I am a first year BA Graphic Design student studying at the University of Salford.

    Very glad to be part of the forum

  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Jamie,

    Welcome to Design Forums and thanks for posting an introduction :)
  3. Purplegurl

    Purplegurl Senior Member

    Hi Jamie nice to meet another student on here :)
  4. jamieleung

    jamieleung Member

    Hi Kate very nice to meet you too :D
  5. Purplegurl

    Purplegurl Senior Member

    So are you still only allowed to use the Macs once a week at Salford ... we had a guy join our course from Salford he said he quit Salford coz the facilities are awful ????
  6. jamieleung

    jamieleung Member

    Noooo it is fantastic when did he join your course last year??

    Mac suites are brand new (I just use my macbook to work on) and at a completely different building a much better working environment.

    Salford is fantastic I would recommend it :D
  7. Purplegurl

    Purplegurl Senior Member

    Strange ... perhaps i got the wrong end of the stick then ... he is a first year too
  8. jamieleung

    jamieleung Member

    Honestly the mac suites are great and the facilities....he is a strange guy lol...what is his name?

    Very bizarre lol that has got me very confused :S

    Oh well like some of your work in your portfolio good job :D
  9. Purplegurl

    Purplegurl Senior Member

    Some really nice stuff on your blogspot btw... love the typography poster ... thats right up my street :)
  10. jamieleung

    jamieleung Member

    thank you :D yeah I do love that poster :p

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