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hi from here


Junior Member
hello all,

just created my account here. so I followed the link to introduce myself.

i've been doing various types of graphic work for the better part of 20 years. been creating art in general for closer to 40. so i'm an artist first and a web developer second. i enjoyed learning some html and css and have a better head for it than many other 'designers' that i know, but ultimately my skills as a 'developer' are far too limited to be of note.

from the usa but i've been living in china for the past 8 years. doing web design from here presents some unique challenges as i'm sure some of you may realize - nothing that can't be worked around though (knock on wood)..

i actually signed up here because i had wandered into some old threads about custom CMSs from scratch and some of the people posting where highly knowledgeable developers. i did a quick check and most of those people are still active here. so to be quite honest, i'm here to see if I can't manage to requisition a bit of your skilled php and js developer's valuable time and expertise. possibly in exchange for a bit of my own graphics skills, but then most of us are so busy all the time, so who knows...