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Hi from Brasil!


New Member
Hey fellows!

I am a 50 years old guy, married, no kids, living in a small town.

I started my professional career in Rio in late 80s making desktop publishing for several big publish houses. By that time I had a PC-XT with barely 640K of RAM and a small lo-res green screen, a huge squared Genius mouse with a ball and a heavy HP Laserjet II printer equipped with a 3rd-party postscript cartridge. My production software was Aldus PageMaker 3 (yeah, before it has been purchased by Adobe!) that ran directly over DOS. The computer was so slow that it took 15 seconds to apply an italic over a text after I stroke the F7 key. But these were good times! I was very young and never was so easy to make a bunch of money!


A couple years later I decided to start my own publish house (the bigger mistake of my life). I had my own offset printers and a bunch of employees. I ran it for 5 or 6 years and I just collected debts. Then I quit the partnership (my former partner runs the company till the day and is still starving - stupid) and went to work as an independent publisher helping independent writers to publish their books – you know poets and self-biographers eager to have their writing in a book format. I may have help those people to publish hundreds of books. Along with this I worked as a graphic designer doing tons of jobs, building websites and also teaching classes of graphic design (Photoshop, Corel, PageMaker, etc).

Around 15 years ago I came back to College and got a graduation in System Analysis (software engineering) that was my teenager roots. Then I started over coding and a couple years later (11 years ago) I had the opportunity to join this american company as a coder and web/graphic designer. Since then I work as a remote regular employee.


About one year ago I started a small home business making printed souvenirs (small decorative squares, book markers, greetings cards, posters, etc).

Besides I play some guitar (I finally recorded two albums after a 30 years delay), do some carpentry work and enjoy build small scale models. This year, after to fully recover of a recent surgery and together with a weight loss diet I am coming back to biking!

This is me!