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Hi from a rainy Scotland

Hi everyone,

I'm Rachael from Stirlingshire, Scotland where the weather is typically wet today. I'm a freelance graphic designer who loves working on projects such as brochures, leaflets, flyers and the odd logo. I've also recently stepped into the world of blogging and now run a design blog called This Is My Sketchbook with tutorials, freebies and other design stuff.

I look forward to getting to know everyone here and join in the discussions.


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Welcome to DF Rachael,
Don't worry it's raining at the other end of the UK today (and most days recently!)
Good luck with the new Sketchbook blog project :)


Tom Sound

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Chucking it down in Teddington, gutted, I want to be at home checking out my new roof guttering, it's not rained hard since I put it up, got another couple of hours work to do yet, yawn!

Oh, welcome :up:

Oh man I must be getting old, guttering! dear oh dear!


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Welcome to the forum rach27. Typo, colouring in rainbow fairies? Either you or the lad is bound for the theatre one day I'm sure of it.